The IP-200 In Action

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Versitility Instant Pierce tapping an inaccessible line
Instant Pierce's IP-200 is the best tool on the market for accessing those hard to reach places!

The picture to the right shows the IP-200 attached to a hard-to-reach R12 refrigerant line.
Straight-line line tapping makes it easy to use Easiest tool on the market
Because of our straight-line design, the IP-200 is easy to use and reduces broken tips.

This picture shows the IP-200 attached to a R12 refrigerant line on a refrigerator.

Asada - Distributor in Japan

Instant Pierce is the only U.S. made refrigerant line puncturing tool that meets Asada's stringent quality standards.  Asada is a Japanese based distributor of refrigeration and plumbing products.  Instant Pierce is also approved by major appliance manufactures.