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Through December 31, 2020: When ordering a perfect cycle machine, mention you learned about it from our website and receive two Instant Pierce refrigerant recovery tools for FREE!

LMPR Recovery & Recycle System
ARI Certified

Oil-less refrigerant recovery machine

  • Oil-less Compressor!
  • R-410a Ready
  • Heated Pre-Oil Seperation
  • High Pressure Capibility
  • 120 Volt Electrical Requirement
  • 96 cu-in filtering capacity
  • Mobile Design - Wt. 155 lbs.
  • Refrigerant Compatibility:
  •        134a,12,22,500,502,400s,410a
Recovery Rates - lbs/min
  Vapor Push/Pull Liquid
R12 0.79 26.5 7.20
R22 1.12 31.0 7.20
The Perfect Cycle Machine has solved J.R.'S need of efficiently removing refrigerant from appliances and helped the company achieve the recognition of being one of the largest appliance recycling companies in the Midwestern United States. The oil-less compressor technology in this machine makes it PERFECT because it allows you to easily and quickly transfer from reclaiming one type of refrigerant to the next, remains maintenance free, and alleviates the hassles of checking compressor oil. Don't waste time and money when switching refrigerant types or by buying three different machines, order this one-stop recovery center today!

CALL 1-800-358-6563 to Order TODAY!

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