Instant Pierce

The world's most reliable and eco-friendly refrigerant recovery tool made right here in the U.S.A.

Instant Pierce is a straight-line puncturing tool for the fast recovery of Refrigerant

With the high value of refrigerants and the need to stay in compliance with EPA and local regulations, you cannot afford to lose an ounce of refrigerant during recovery. I'm Terry Zeien, Recycling Coordinator of J.R.'S Advanced Recyclers, and 30 years ago I needed a high quality refrigerant puncturing tool that could pierce steel, copper, and aluminum lines to reclaim refrigerant from appliances and air conditioners. Much to my dismay, I found inferior tools that frequently broke tips during refrigerant recovery, could not puncture steel lines without breakage, and did not maintain a tight seal around the puncture. In response to this situation I developed, manufactured, and patented my own tool, Instant Pierce.

Instant Pierce is made from the highest quality materials, can access hard to reach places, and quickly attaches and detaches from refrigerant lines to save you money. In addition, Instant Pierce puncturing tips last 10 times longer than the competition, can puncture steel lines without breakage, and minimize leaks. This tool is also the only straight-line puncturing tool that is endorsed by Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire for its high quality and money saving functionality.

"Instant Pierce has outperformed any other tool we have bought or custom made ourselves. Thanks to this tool, we have recovered refrigerant much more cost effectively than before, and this tool has also helped us come into compliance with EPA refrigerant recovery laws."

Mike Buck, City of Minneapolis Recycling Coordinator